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ML atelier

breathing in the past to blow morocco’s rich sartorial heritage into the future, transforming it into something other.

when yves saint laurent discovered marrakech in 1966, a love affair began with a city and, indeed, a country that was to inspire his collections and provide a creative workspace at his villa oasis home, inside the leafy majorelle gardens.

fast forward more than half a century, and a new generation of design-oriented creatives are re-discovering marrakech. our clothing and lifestyle brand Marrakshi Life is front and center of this trend.
our in-house team of tailors and weavers make by hand each unique piece inside our marrakech atelier, turning traditional design on its head to create modern, urban luxury, casual comfort, and, we think, original understated design made right here on our weaving looms with love.
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at ML, we are actively engaged in translating this fascination, once held by saint laurent with the sartorial traditions and vibrant colors of Morocco, the artisan skills and centuries-old workmanship of the local people, into something new.

launched in 2013, by the new york fashion photographer, Randall Bachner, Marrakshi Life embraces key style elements from the traditional moroccan wardrobe and, with the help of an in-house team of local artisans, transforms this history into original, contemporary, and wearable, design pieces, made for the urban nomad, designer lovers, or our growing collection of hipster followers.
our growing repertoire of unisex clothing, includes versatile day-to-night pieces, designed in our signature style. our elegant caftans can be worn to the spa or shown off on the red carpet.

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